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About Us

Since our launch in 2013, Fashion Foundry has become a global leader in the production of beauty and hairstyling technologies and accessories. Through private label partnerships and our own family of brands, Fashion Foundry products have become beloved staples all over the world. 


The secret to our success is a branding-first strategy that fully integrates production with design and marketing. The result is unique, innovative products that stand out on the shelves, with a tailored appeal to their target demographic. 


Over the years, the years, we’ve cultivated strong relationships with both large national retailers as well as modern eCommerce operations and subscription boxes. We bring our skills, capabilities, and network connections into every new project, to ensure the success of our partners.

Makeup Model

The Beauty Brand Launchpad

Today, having a great product alone isn’t enough. Consumers look for brands that speak to their values and aesthetics. That’s why you need a manufacturer that sees the big picture. 


With our extensive knowledge and insight into the ever-evolving needs of customers, we create innovative fashion, beauty, and wellness brands that are relevant in today's market. We utilize our expertise in design and branding to create fashion-forward items that always strike a chord with their intended demographic. 


By utilizing our expertise in design, tech innovation, marketing, and quality manufacturing, we ensure that our products deliver exceptional performance that exceeds our clients' expectations.

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