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Cutting-edge hair tools for creative spirits. 

The ultimate destination for beauty with personality! GLISTER does things a little differently, with a mission to celebrate original expression and inclusivity. Never afraid to break the rules of innovation and style, we’re leaders in trending design.

About Our Leather


Don't Just Look Good. Look Hot AF.

You are the star of your life and Almost Famous is here to make sure that you feel like one. Glamour is the name of the game, with products that turn up the heat and get you ready for your close-up. From fashion-forward styling tools to innovative beauty accessories, you’ll want to reach for Almost Famous when it's time for showstopping fashion moments.


Engineering the future of hairstyling.

Tiri Pro pushes innovation to the limit, to create professional hairstyling tools with real-world applications—obsessively crafted to precise specifications and guaranteed quality. We’ve pioneered a range of features that boost the performance of both hot styling tools and salon-grade hair brushes. Our technologies speed up the styling process and mitigate damage to the hair.



Your style has no limits - why should your beauty routine? 

From high-performing hairstyling tools to simple yet exceptionally-made beauty knick-knacks, Hauteness crafts tools to improve every part of your self-care regimen. 

Couture vibes and one-of-a-kind designs set us from the crowd. Pioneering technology guarantees you’ll love our product range. 


Inspired technology and wellness solutions.

Hachiko improves lives through wearable wellness gadgets that ameliorate pain and improve posture. To us, the best way to stay healthy is through a holistic approach that focuses on prevention. That’s why we create products to improve life in the long term. 

Through simple but clever engineering, Hachiko devices address all kinds of issues, including poor posture, back pain, menstrual cramps, and more. 



The definitive modern watch roll.

Operandi Firenze creates premium Italian leather watch rolls exquisitely crafted to protect and secure the world’s finest luxury timepieces. Our revolutionary hidden magnet cartridge technology is incorporated into each roll – allowing you to lock your timepieces into place without worrying about aligning snaps or fasteners. 

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